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green frontrunner

Become (more) sustainable   
Goal… Mindset… Consistency…     
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Powerful CSR communication
More ‘we’. More impact
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Workshops, training, webinars...        
What makes them successful?         
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Non-financial reporting        
Value is more than just figures        
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Lasting effect of interventions
After the kick-off the real work begins
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Convincing stories
Journalistic interviews with stakeholders
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others talk

Besides these areas of expertise we also contribute to websites, social media, events, newsletters, training sessions, annual reports, campaigns, etc.

Our customers also approach us for:
  • ways to explain complex products or sensitive issues
  • interviewing people, also in English
  • text creation, including ghost writing
  • workshops / master classes
  • coaching
... and more

Klanten means Clients

logos klanten
To find out who our clients are, simply click on their names (below) for the English version of their websites:
ABTASMLBAMCroon | TBIDSMVan Ede & PartnersFNVHeinHertelLinde GasLloyd’s RegisterSiemensSmurfit KappaSpirax SarcoStruktonVARA.
The following clients do not have a website in English: AM (urban and regional planning), Van Benthem & Keulen (law firm), Collectieve Beveiliging Amsterdam (ppp for a safer Amsterdam), ECP (ppp for a reliable digital society), INNAX (makes buildings and regions sustainable) MBO Raad (sector association for specific schools), Mirato (interior design), Nevi (national knowledge institute for purchasing institute), Sdu (publisher), Vakmedianet (publisher).


Currently only in Dutch.

Diensten means Services

Same page as Home


Blogs and publications, so far only in Dutch.

Real MVO means Real CSR

SDG 3 7 en 12 eng
For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a way of life. We enjoy it and share our experiences, particularly with those who don’t know how to start with CSR, or are looking for a source of inspiration.

By living this way, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched by the United Nations:
3: Good health and well-being
7: Affordable and clean energy
12: Responsible consumption and production
13: Climate action
15: Life on land
17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 13 15 en 17 eng

Over ons means
About us

Jurjen Marie Louise
Just two people surrounded by a great network. Marie-Louise used to be an analyst in a scientific lab (University Utrecht). Jurjen started his career as a journalist for serious Dutch media.


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