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Our customers know the impact of letting others do the talking. Of real stories told by real people, like their stakeholders:
others talk
employees, neighbours, clients, partners, NGO’s… And like the world-famous professor from Stanford University who shared his opinion on the new concept developed by a small Dutch company (our client).
With our clients we carefully select the most appropriate stakeholders, listen to them and publish their stories. Sometimes on internal channels, sometimes on websites and social media. Regardless of the channel, we always do what our name says: we create real impact by telling real stories.

Clients (Klanten)

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Simply click on our clients' names (below) for their English websites: ASML, BAM, Croon, DSM, Van Ede & Partners, FNV, hein, Hertel, Linde Gas, Lloyd’s Register, Siemens, Smurfit Kappa, Spirax Sarco, Strukton, VARA.
Several of our clients do not have English websites: AM (urban and regional planning), Van Benthem & Keulen (law firm), Mirato (interior design), Sdu (publisher), Vakmedianet (publisher).


Blogs and publications, so far only in Dutch, e.g. for the leading Dutch platform (magazine + website) on working circumstances (vakblad Arbo).


We share our vision with and assist organisations that want to learn how to make a real impact by telling real stories (see Home above) in workshops.


Currently only in Dutch; cases in English will be added.

Real CSR (Real MVO)

For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a way of life. We enjoy it and share our experiences, particularly with those who don’t know where or how to start with CSR, or are looking for a source of inspiration. Chapters on this page: energy, finance, nature/environment, waste/circularity, transport, open source software, privacy and last but not least procurement.

About us (Over ons) 

Jurjen Marie Louise
Just two people surrounded by a great network. Marie-Louise used to be an analyst in a scientific lab (University Utrecht). Jurjen started his career as a journalist (VARA).


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